How to keep your pets safe and happy this 4th of July

4th of july


With all of the celebrating and commotion that goes on on the 4th of July and the weekend that follows – the fireworks, parades, alcohol consumption, and general loud noises, there is no wonder our furry friends go run and hide. The loud booming noises from the fireworks can be especially frightening and have your dog running to the hills!


Here are some helpful tips you can try to keep your dogs happily distracted from all the fun going on outside:

  • Keep your pets secured within your home. Make sure to relieve them ONLY on leash if you must take them out.
  • Give them a safe place inside. Put them in a crate in an inside room of your house. An ideal place is a walk in closet.
  • Use ambient noise to mask the sound of the fireworks. Leaving a television on or playing the radio with soothing music can help diminish the sound of the fireworks as well.
  • Make sure their collars and identification tags are on securely.
  • Keep them busy with toys and lots of company.

We love our wonderful pets and want to help you keep them safe and happy this Independence Day as well as throughout the weekend!

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