The Importance of Great Photography


Research has shown that one of the most important elements that make buyers click on property images is ensuring that the images accurately represent reality. The most noticeable element of reality that is most often distorted in real estate photos is vertical alignment, or what real estate photographers refer to as verticals.
Look at the two images below:


Skewed verticals


Correct verticals


Notice how the vertical lines in the first image are skewed and distorted? This has the unappealing effect of disrupting the viewer’s ability to connect to the image since it misrepresents real life.

In the second image, all the lines that are vertical in real life are vertical in the image, creating a much more lifelike and engaging experience. Buyers connect with the property on an emotional level, leading to clicks, showings, and ultimately sales.

Research shows that if our eyes see something that looks different than our brains think it should look like in real life, we find it hard to relate to what we’re seeing. That’s when your listing gets overlooked.

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